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Learn About Denmark

These links will help you to learn about the country your school has adopted:

Country Report Project - pdf file from CountryReports.org
Adopt-a-Nation Powerpoint template.

Social Justice

At one point in time, the people we now think of as Paralympic Athletes, were not allowed to compete in many activities. We have come a long way since then - "Feel the Rush" video.

Two well known Canadian athletes, Terry Fox and Rick Hansen, helped people change their attitudes to people with physical disabilities. They promoted equity and inclusion.

Colette Bourgonje.  Sit skier.
Colette Bourgonje

Hundreds of other athletes, such as Colette (above), their coaches, and families have shown us how people with physical disabilities have empowered themselves and all Canadians because of their successful struggles for Social Justice. Who are some paralympic athletes in British Columbia?...in Canada?...in your 'adopted' country? What else can you learn from Paralympians to overcome challenges in your life? (Writing advice.) A new program, called Soldier On, is helping members of our military with injuries to develop their full potential.

2010 Winter Olympics and Paralympic Games

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How to Research
the Paralympic Games
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Newspaper Project
Paralympic Newspaper Project: Inspired by Vancouver 2010 Paralympic School Day Program
Appleby College’s
Paralympic School Week
Appleby College Paralympic School Week
Natioview Public School paralympic school week
Nationview Public School’s Paralympic School Week


What do students in your country do for DPA?

The March/April theme for Daily Physical Activity, in the Comox Valley, is Schoolyard and Backyard Games. What kinds of games and activities do students your age do in your country.

Can you:

(Open the DPA in my country assignment: Word.doc or pdf.) Once you've gathered your information, create a PhotoStory 3 movie to share with your classmates.



What 'habits of mind' do you think paralympians use to allow them to face the challenges needed to do well in their sport? Read these media articles to learn more about some of our successes in the last few years. (Habits of mind video link, summary by Avi Luxenburg, NIDES, SD71.) What kind of attitude do you need to give yourself to in order to succeed? (Check out how these folks, from a simple fish store in Seattle, the Pike's Place Fish Market, have chosen to live their lives: beliefs and attitude and video clips). (Writing advice.)

Sports and Health Science for Paralympic Athletes

Being a paralympic athlete has many challenges. See if you can find out information about the special equipment that a paralympic athlete uses and how this helps them.

Paralympic athlete have special health concerns - depending on the challenges facing them. What are some of these health concerns and how do athletes adapt to face them?


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