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From March 8-15, 2009, Mt. Washington, in the Comox Valley, will host the IPC Cross Country Skiing and Biathlon World Cup Finals.  Over 100 athletes from 20 countries are planning to participate, and the Organizing Committee, in concert with School District 71, has initiated the Adopt-a- Nation Program to engage the community in this exciting world class event.   The program has twinned local schools with a supporting business from the community, and matched them with a participating country.  These school/business partnerships will build support for the athletes involved, provide educational opportunties for the students, and enable the local businesses to work with schools in raising awareness about this event so the 2009 IPC World Cup at Mt. Washington can become the most well support IPC World Cup of the year.

Our instructional goals are to:

- provide students with opportunities to reflect on Social Justice issues and goals such as: equity and inclusion and what those issues and goals can mean to people in BC, Canada and around the world,

-provide strong curricular ties, in areas such as Social Justice, Language Arts, Physical Education and Science, and

- engage our educational community in the IPC, and in the process develop relationships within local organizations and businesses that can be built on through other events (Olympic Torch Relay, 2010 Games, and future IPC World Cup events) and so provide lifelong opportunities for our students.

Coming Events

Key dates and timelines:

Silken Laumann - Grade 7s at Queneesh Feb. 11, 2009
Spirit of BC - Bobsled on Wheels Competition Mar. 8, 2009
IPC World Cup Finals at Mt. Washington Mar 11-15, 2009
2010 Olympic Torch Relay in Comox Valley Nov. 2, 2009
2010 Olympic Games Feb. 12-28, 2010
2010 Paralympic Games Mar. 12-21, 2010

IPC World Cup on Mt. Washington

The Comox Valley World Cup Organizing Committee is hosting an IPC Cross Country Skiing and Biathlon World Cup Races on Mount Washington in March 2009. The Comox Valley will host 120 paralympic athletes from 20 Nations, including Canada. This event consists of four races, held over a five day period and includes 2 biathlon and 2 cross country competitions. It will also include community-based activities including opening ceremonies, socials with athletes and banquets to celebrate the athletes and their achievements. The event will provides international experience for officials, volunteers, athletes and coaches. This World Cup is a key qualification and development stage in the lead up to the 2010 Paralympic Winter Games for athletes, coaches and volunteers.

The IPC cross country and biathlon world cup circuit is held predominantly in Europe each winter. This is the second time the Comox Valley has been awarded this prestigious race. The 2009 event will be final event in the 2008/09 IPC World Cup circuit and will determine the overall season winners in both cross country and biathlon events who have accrued the most World Cup points. Athletes will be awarded their World Cups Globes, imported from Europe, following the last race.

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