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Biology Biology


Living things sense and respond to stimuli Cells, tissues, organs and systems Multi-cellular organisms and their environments Theory of evolution to natural selection Ch. 1 - Organisms...their environment
        Ch. 2 - Cycles in Ecosystems
      Ch. 3 - Ecosystems and People



Chemistry Chemistry  
Matter is made of particles Solutions Mixtures Mixtures and substances and chemical change  

Earth Science

Physics Physics Physics Physics Ch. 7 - Earth's Composition
Forms of energy and devices that transform energy Forces, simple and complex machines Newton's Three Laws through Daily Physical Activity Electrical Energy - new Ch. 8 - Earth's Moving Crust


      Ch. 9 - Earth's Changing Surface
Earth Sciences Earth Sciences Earth Sciences Earth Sciences  
The rock cycle and rocks in our community Earth's rotation and orbit and the Moon The Solar System, the Galaxy, and the Universe Fossil records and geological dating
Grade Eight

Cells and Systems

        Ch. 1 - Cells
Doing Research
Other Topics
(some very dated)
  Ch. 2 - The Human Body
  Ethics of Information Use Alternate Energy   Ch. 3 - The Immune System
  Evaluating Sources Biomes    
  Homework Help Earthquakes    
  Landmarks Citation Machine The Periodic Table    
  Online Safety Robotics    
  Search Engines Science Fairs    
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