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IRPs & Learning Outcomes (L.O.s)
Bibliographies & Citations
Libraries and the LRC
  Citation Machine   CMS: Science Links
Gr. 7 IRPs: pdf file
  Bibliography styles - MLA   Learning Resource Centre (Phone 339-9978 to order)
Gr. 8 IRPs: pdf file   Learning Resource Centre; NEW Sciences videos, etc.
Gr. 9 IRPs: pdf file
Meriwether Catalog (to check on material)
Planning Models
    Vancouver Island Public Library
  Columbia Electronic  
  Wikipedia - Science    
  Simple Wikipedia - Science  
Ethics, Notetaking and Research
    Encyclopedia Smithsonian   CMS: Ethics of information use
Science Safety
  NatureServe Explorer   CMS: Evaluating Sources
      CMS: Evaluating Web Resources: word doc
Grammar etc.
  CMS: Note taking form #1: word doc (basic model)
Guidelines for a Safe Lab   Merriam-Webster Dictionary   CMS: Note taking doc: word doc (expanded model)
Mr. Thackwray's Lab Safety Rules and Contract   CMS - Weaving a thought cloth
  The Armchair Grammarian   BC Research Quest
  Grammar Tools & Lessons  
  UVic Writers Guide  
  Writing Paragraphs  
WebQuests: Theory and Practice
  Writing Essays  

What are WebQuests? (San Diego State)

The Process (University of Alberta)
Science Tools
  CMS: Kara Dawson's Collection
  BUBL Link 500s in Dewey - Natural Sciences   SD71 WebQuests
  CMS: Terby's Tools   SD71 WebQuest Links
  CMS: Terby's Tutorials  
Assessment ideas and rubrics (Chicago School Board)
  Chemical Equations: how to balance them  
Professional Bodies
PBL: Project-Based Learning   How stuff works  
RubiStar (Create Rubrics)   National Research Council of Canada  
    Periodic table of elements  
Special Education
  Sky & Telescope: sky chart  
  The Solar System  
Xplora (European Union)
BC: Adapted and modified explained   The Why Files  
ICASE (Thailand)
BC: Special Education Manual   Wolfram: World of Science  
UNESCO Science Education (United Nations)
Aboriginal Education
Media Links
Middle School Associations
CMS: Evaluating Sources  
Learning Theories, etc.
New Scientist  
OMLEA (Ontario)
AskERIC - Classroom Management   The Nobel Prize    
AskERIC - Student Motivation   Quirks and quarks: CBC Radio    
  ScienceCentral (Science news)    
  ScienceDaily: news and current events    
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