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  Bibliography styles - MLA   Learning Resource Centre (Phone 339-9978 to order)   Learning Resource Centre; NEW Socials videos, etc
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Meriwether Catalog (to check on material)
  Canadian Encyclopedia   Vancouver Island Public Library
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  World Book     AskERIC - Classroom Management
      AskERIC - Student Motivation
Grammar and Writing
CMS: Learning Theories (click on Pedagogy)
  Merriam-Webster dictionary and beyond   
  The armchair grammarian  
Ethics, Notetaking and Research
  Grammar tools & lessons   CMS: Ethics of information use
  UVic Writers Guide   CMS: Evaluating Sources
  Writing Paragraphs   CMS: Evaluating Web Resources
  Writing Essays   CMS: Note taking form #1 (basic model)
Assessment and Evaluation
      CMS: Note taking doc (expanded model)
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  CMS - Weaving a thought cloth
Assessment ideas and rubrics (Chicago School Board)
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  CMS: Terby's Tools  
  CMS: Terby's Tutorials    
QuizStar: create quizzes   Atlas of Canada  
WebQuests: Theory and Practice
RubiStar; create rubrics   Best of History Websites  

What are WebQuests? (San Diego State)

  Biographical dictionary  
The Process (University of Alberta)
Special Education
  CIA Factbook   CMS: Kara Dawson's Collection
BC Ministry of Education Links   Geography websites (from CLN)   SD71 WebQuests
BC: Adapted and modified explained   National Geographic - Maps   SD71 WebQuest Links
BC: Special Education Manual   Museum of Civilization    
CMS: Modified Social Studies Units   Virtual Museum of Canada  
Professional Bodies
    Canadian War Museum  
Aboriginal Education
  Canadian Military History Gateway  
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OMLEA (Ontario)
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    CMS: Media Links page    
    CMS: Evaluating Sources    
    History Television (Canada)    
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