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Ralph W. Tyler: "The Tyler Rationale"

Tyler divided his book, Basic Principles of Curriculum and Instruction, into five sections. Each of the first four sections is titled with a question.

1. What educational purposes should the school seek to attain?
2. How can learning experiences be selected which are likely to be useful in attaining these objectives?
3. How can learning experiences be organized for effective instruction?
4. How can the effectiveness of learning experiences be evaluated?

In the first section of his book, Tyler explains that one of the main problems with education is that educational programs "do not have clearly defined purposes." These "purposes" as he describes them should be translated into educational objectives. This objective-based approach to evaluation is at the core of what Tyler proposes.

His approach to evaluation followed these steps:

1. Establish broad goals or objectives.
2. Classify the goals or objectives.
3. Define objectives in behavior terms.
4. Find situations in which achievement if objectives can be shown.
5. Develop or select measurement techniques.
6. Collect performance data.
7. Compare performance data with behaviorally stated objectives.

Discrepancies in performance would then lead to modification and the cycle would begin again.

Ralph Tyler describes education as "an active process". "It involves the active efforts of the learner himself."

Edited from Ralph W. Tyler (1949) Basic Principles of Curriculum and Instruction

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